Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Beginning of Remzo's Journey

My journey started last year, 2015, with my desire to go from DIY to actually being trained by Professionals in the areas I've always had an interest. When i'm in between planning events, i usually have free time that i like to use creatively.

I started with taking my love for beautiful handmade jewelries to the next level by attending the foundation and then the advanced classes. I fall in love with beads, and precious stones again and again; especially with living in Nigeria, where the 'normal' is being pushed to the limits daily. Nigerians are so creative and will keep challenging every new design to its heights of exceptional beauty. 

I've always been particular about my beautiful dark chocolate skin; Some years back, i embraced the use of natural products which are found in abundance in my country Nigeria. Some of these products are Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Palm kernel oil, African black soap (called ose dudu in yoruba land where i'm from), moringa, turmeric, African camwood (called Osun in yoruba land) and so much more. On my own, i started mixing my body butters with various butters & oils, I also experimented with the African black soap.This made my skin and hair soft, easy to manage & free from chemicals and dangerous additives. (by the way, ABS -african black soap is great for washing the hair )

Being an ardent fan of the internet i discovered this lovely lady Nini who makes her own bar soaps, i was intrigued. I sent her an e mail about taking classes which she responded to; but, i put off attending for awhile cos i was so busy, and by the time i attended the class, i was hooked.... there was no going back to using store bought products for myself or my Princes. Here's the link to a post on her blog about my class with her

And there began my journey to the world of luxurious handmade soaps... Yes, they are luxurious cos it changed the tone and texture of my dark chocolatey skin.

I will be sharing my walk with God, my Events, and adventures in this blessed world, but mostly the soaping & beading part of it; the near disasters and the wonderful successes that have equally changed the life and Skin :)  of many men, women and children. This is only the beginning, watch out as Remzo unveils the beauty of handmade products.

Remzo Creations is all about handcrafting to make our lives more beautiful.