Thursday, May 12, 2011

a change, in the right direction i hope

Wow, it's been long since i had time for the internet. I went on leave for a few days to recharge and get re-energised; and now am back at work but will be changing units. To be honest, i'm a bit wary of the change and how it will affect my personal and home life. It causes me to question who i thot i wanted to be and what my aspirations should be.
It made me wonder if i really wanted to continue in this rat race of waking up at 5 am and getting home at 8 pm, or even later. I believe there should be a better life out there and a better way of balancing life, work, home, the children, my friends and without any aspect of it lacking.
I then thought about changing careers or going on a sabbatical in a few years; i then realsied that most of my adult life has been that of gross independence despite the fact that i have been married for equally as long. Will i be bale to live life as a stay at home mom while managing a start-up? will i be able to adjust to a life where i will be totally dependent on him and will it bring about conflict?
I am really confused
Lord God of the heavens and the earth, You alone know your grand design for my life
Kindly direct me as you know is right for me
Kindly lead me where success is and where you want me to be
I look up to you and trust in only YOU my JEHOVAH