Monday, May 28, 2018

Remzo Creations List of Handmade Soaps

Today, we would like to introduce our range of soaps to you.

They have all been specially handcrafted with you on mind, to give you a nourishing, yet gentle bath experience.

They might just be names in this post, but in the coming weeks, we will introduce their ingredients and what they look like.

Please stay tuned to our page.

Kindly find below -

Product Listing.

Cleansing Soaps with 100% Coconut Oil
● Chunky Soap.
● Neapolitan Soap.
● Carrot Chunky Soap.
● Ajoke - Contains Goat Milk

Cleansing Soaps with 100% Palm Kernel Oil
● Smoke Soap.
● Gold Crust Soap.
● CofCafe Soap
● Asanwa

Moisturising Soaps using a Combo of Carier Oils
● Dudu ABS
● Zuri - Moringa Goodness
● Carropaya Soap.
● Maryams Delight -CB
● Simply Shea ( Great for Babies and Children)
● Samiat - Shea Goodness
● Adunni- GMM contains Goat Milk.

Whipped Soaps - these soaps are fun , they actually float on water
● ChoCof Frosty Soap
● Sheafros Soap

We look foward to seeing you shortly.

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Stay Blessed and Beautiful


Monday, April 23, 2018

Chunky Soap By @RemzoCreations

Hello BlogVille, 
Today,  I bring to you our deliciously  Handcrafted skin goodness In a Bar of Soap that has been made with so much love. 

Contains 100% Coconut Oil,  Coconut Milk, Clays and lots of other ingredients from plant leaf, bark and root powders to give you a clear,  bright,  blemish free,  even skin tone and also reduce acne. 

All the ingredients have been given to us by mother nature to ensure you have a SoapTastic Bath Experience 

We've got lots of feedback on this soap, which includes its acne chasing wonders. 
Chunky Soap before being cut to bars

At Remzo Creations you a guaranteed a product made from natural ingredients. 

Thanks for sticking to our page. 
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Thursday, March 29, 2018


Hello BlogVille,
I present to you, this awesome skintastic soap.
Its made from 100 % Palm Kernel Oil, It Contains C0conut Milk, and some lovely skin loving plant leaf and root powders, contains a touch of Lemon Juice for clear skin brightness.
All colors achieved using the plant powders with Activated Charcoal.

Why handmade soaps? 
They contain only Natural Ingredients.
No sulphates, No paarabens, No sls, No foaming agent, No surfectants...... Only good oils, butters and plant powders all used within approved limits. This is ligthly fragranced with a mix of Essential Oils.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


At Remzo Creations, we are all for

We say NO to Slavery,
We say NO to Modern slavery
Let Children be Children
Children should not be working or be prostituted.
Let women be free to make their choices,
Let women be free to send their children to schools and not to work as house helps or street traders.
Let The young have a choice to excel and desire more for themselves.

I appeal, lets not have under - aged children working for us. Let Children be Children, let them have their youth and freedom.

Lets do the right thing.

So my question to you today is...What does Freedom mean to you.?
Think deep on this.

Thank you.


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Happy Mothers Day


We wish every woman here a Happy Mothering Sunday.
A Mother is strong,
She is relentless,
She is giving,
Shes a multi-tasker,
She cares,
She loves un-conditionally
She is a mother to many.

At Remzo Creations, we celebrate all Women,
We love you

IBOR'S Mothers day Dinner

Hello All,

Inner Beauty Outward Radiance is holding its Annual Dinner in Celebration of Mothers.

For More Details, and to Register, check the flier and also visit the website Ibor Woman

Remzo Creations will be there, and we look foward to seeing you there.

Instagram  @remzocreations
Facebook - Remzo Creations Facebook Page

We are back with lots of exciting stuff..

watch out... for real

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

IBOR5 - The Un-fading Beauty

Hello BlogVillefam,

I pray your day has been good?

I would like to invite all women to the 5th Anniversary of this awesome event - Inner Beauty Outward Radiance on October 14, 2017 in Ikeja, Lagos. Its a Free event, but strictly By Invitation, so you will need to register at IBOR Woman to be a part of it.

Its a programme for the discerning girl / lady / woman who desires more  and who needs guidance to becoming who she was designed to be; its for the lady who is confused about her purpose ; its for the girl who is allowing what the world thinks and says to be her reality. At IBOR you are mentored about your inner beauty which comes from a deep conviction and relationship with God and this is then translated to your outward appearance. The beauty which radiates from the Godly witness on the inside is what IBOR stands for. This year is a celebration, there will be awesome speakers, Q & A, Runway, Networking opportunities, Vendor stands, Freebies and lots more. You dont want to miss out on this.

Remember to click on the link above for inquiries. You can check out the social media pages on Instagram @iborwoman , and on Facebook IborWoman .

Remzo Creations will be there, and there will loads of Remzo Creations Soaps as freebies.... You want to know how to get one?........ stay tuned.

Please find below the details -

See you there......

i remain, Remzo,.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Nigeria at 57 , Celebrating the Giant of Africa

Hello BlogvilleFam,
Welcome to the Month of October, the 10th Month and lat quarter of 2017.

In Nigeria, today has been declared a public holiday to celebrate our 57th year Independence since 01.10.1960.

Nigeria is a country of great people, doing great things here and also all over the world.
I am proud to be a Nigerian, green passport and all.

Be proud of your roots, no matter what bad names you are referred to as.

Enjoy our Independence pictures. and may we discover we have freedom to prosper and may our dreams be actualized this month.

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i remain Remzo.

Monday, September 25, 2017

My August in Pictures, Part 2

Hello BlogVille,

I am sure great things have happened with you since i was last here..... i would definitely love to hear all the juicy and amazing details.

More pictures from this #foodie to you. Stay Motivated.

Enjoy... as your taste buds think about food, let your skin also feel the deliciousness of our soaps.

They are real soaps, and they smell amazing too....... not convinced, check out our details and place an order.......!!!!

We pray this new week, will be Fruitful, Prosperous and sweeter than all you imagine or think of as you view these Delightful soapy creations; Its all been handcrafted in small batches for the Beautiful YOU.

Stay on Top !!! 

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Thank you and God Bless.

It's still me....... Remzo

Friday, September 22, 2017

My August in Pictures Part 1

Hello BlogVille,

A new dawn filled with endless possibilities is here, what are your plans for this new day?

Ensure you start the day right, meditate and pray, make a to-do- list, be intentional and ensure you get at least 3 things done .... if not all.

Our Soaps are inspired from food and all things sweet, we hope they make you want for more.

Real Soaps.... Meant to be used to give you a deliciously yummy skin you will always love. Our soaps are handmade in small batches for the beautiful you.

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Thank you and God Bless.

I'm still... Remzo.