Monday, April 23, 2018

Chunky Soap By @RemzoCreations

Hello BlogVille, 
Today,  I bring to you our deliciously  Handcrafted skin goodness In a Bar of Soap that has been made with so much love. 

Contains 100% Coconut Oil,  Coconut Milk, Clays and lots of other ingredients from plant leaf, bark and root powders to give you a clear,  bright,  blemish free,  even skin tone and also reduce acne. 

All the ingredients have been given to us by mother nature to ensure you have a SoapTastic Bath Experience 

We've got lots of feedback on this soap, which includes its acne chasing wonders. 
Chunky Soap before being cut to bars

At Remzo Creations you a guaranteed a product made from natural ingredients. 

Thanks for sticking to our page. 
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