Thursday, January 2, 2014

RCCG 100 day Fast..

Dear Lord, 

You alone can surely make this happen.... Over to you, Please take the Wheel, IJN.

The purpose of the fast is to lay the foundations of what we want our tomorrow to be.
Its un-usual, but it shall surely end with testimonies IJN.

I am asking  you for the Grace to go on this 100 day walk with you, Kindly also lead me to people on this same path so we can walk together.


Culled from a liveway radio e mail broadcast:-
This is the year of OVERFLOW BLESSINGS
100 days fasting starting from Jan 2nd to April 12th 2014

Cross over service  
January 1st 2014  

Category 1:
General - Individuals =====================
 1. God says that a divine promise of more than a decade ago will begin to find fulfilment.

2. God Says that someone can expect a prominent divine visitation that will radically alter the cause of his or her life.

3. Daddy says that someone will have the first taste of real dominion.

4. The Lord said that there will be quite a few narrow escapes from tragedies.

Category 2:
1. The Lord says that the future of Nigeria will be determined this year, not in 2015 as some think. 2015 will be mere formalities.

2. The equations at the beginning of this year will be different from the equations at the end of the year, therefore don't jump into conclusions.

Category 4:
1. There will be more major breakthroughs in Medicine and Science.

2. God wants us to pray against noisy highly destructive storms.

3. God asked us to pray against monumental fire outbreaks.

100 days fasting starts 
Jan 2nd to April 12th 2014


1. Newly wed couples and elders over 70 years old.

2. Nursing mothers and pregnant women are also exempted.

You can drink water during fast 
You can drink tea if you are overseas and it is cold.

If you miss a day, you must substitute it for 2 days.

7 days dry fast count for 14 days
21 days dry fast count for 63 days
30 days and 30 nights cover 100 days

Why fast?
Answer:  Because the destiny of many people will be determined this year,

Ask God for extra ordinary grace to fast and pray and the Lord will grant you the grace to fast and pray this year.   

Every mountain in the path of all of us shall move this year.

Any force that stand in your way shall be destroyed.

The Almighty God will grant you extra- ordinary grace to fast and pray. 

 Happy New Year!!!