Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Naija ' Sharpay'

I met a girl in a primary school yesterday, she should be about 8 or 9 years old ( not too sure of the age). She reminded me of Sharpay in High School Musical. Sharpay is a spoilt rich kid who thinks of herself more highly than all her other school mates.

This little girl had about 4 followers, and Yes, i mean followers. They sat when she did, they ran when she did, they even laughed and fell on the floor when she did the same. Tbis was quite hilarious to me, yet ridiculous to watch. I thought to myself, seriously, why would they keep doing that, yet my Naija Sharpay (NS) felt really good and happy about it all. She basked in the attention she got when she spoke to them and they listened raptly.....

And i wondered, why on earth are these girls surrounding NS?.... and what makes NS feel better than the others.?

Hmmmnnnhhhhhh.... i couldnt imagine myself doing such and seriously hoped none of my children would idolise their fellow student, but i still looked on in amazement as my lil peacock went around the school playground with her followers.

Why does she feel better???? Shes not particularly the prettiest, her parents are probably not the wealthiest also, so what exactly was the edge she had over her age mates.?. Was she made to feel extra special at home? Im sure the other girls were treated like princesses too in their home......

NS is obviously strong willed, bold, confident, believes in herself.... why werent the other girls the same way? Why did they have to make NS feel like the most popular or the best girl in school by flocking round her? Why werent they confident or believe in the power within them?

The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made........ werent they taught to believe same about themselves?

NS exercised the power she had within well, though negatively, as she wasnt being a positive role model, or a good brand ambassador of her school, but she understood what she carried.

We need to speak words of affirmation to our children, we need to ensure they know the power they carry, we need to build up their confidence and strength against the many Sharpays they will face throught their life.

Imagine my NS acting differently or potraying good mannerisms and attitude, she would attract this same followers but for a better good. To the advantage of the School, and her generation at large. She would influence people positively.

We need to pray for our children, both boys and girls. Lord Jesus, please speak into the hearts of this young children, let them understand the good in the power you have put in them, and let them use it wisely. Let them dare to be different for you, and let your name be praised in and through them in your mighty Name i pray