Wednesday, February 23, 2011

being like an eagle

On Sunday, i heard a message which was mostly about the eagles life. It spoke about the eagle having the capacity to live up to 70 years but that at most, they live for 40 years; the remaining 30 years they might have lived for, they fail to do so because they fail to go for the renewal process. after 40 years, their beaks become bent, their powerful wings start to stick together, and their powerful claws become weak. At this point they need to go to a mountain top far above and go for the renewal and rebirth which will last 150 days. We all need to get renewed at some point. We all need to go back to our maker and get re-molded and re-designed. We need to go back to our maker for a time of refreshing.He is the bread of life, and He has promised us living waters. Read Isaiah 40 ; the message was gotten from verse 28-31